5 of the best things about Portland

Visitng Voodoo donuts, in Portland, Oregon

Seattle might have been the first stop on our honeymoon – but Portland was definitely my fave stop off, so that’s where we’re starting.

Visiting the Commons Brewery, in Portland, Oregon

  1. The beer! Portland has a reputation as a beer city (72 breweries in the city limits, 250 across Oregon State) and yeah…. it’s bloody good. We did a beer tour with Brewvana which was super fun. It was a easy way to get to explore multiple breweries, and our guide gave us tonnes of other recommendations for other spots to check out afterwards too (we loved Base Camp Brewing, The Commons and Deschutes in particular).
  2. Blue Star Donuts: Voodoo Donuts is all over instagram when you’re in Portland but Blue Star is apparently the local favourite, and worth seeking out if you’re in the city. I’m still dreaming about a blueberry basil one I had.
  3. Horsetail Falls: about 40 minutes drive out of Portland is a great little hike around Horsetails Falls – you get to walk right behind one of them and it’s way less crowded than Multnomah Falls. Not that it’s not worth stopping off there too – but it’s BUSY. 
  4. The Kimpton Hotel Vintage: we stayed here in one of their Skyloft rooms and it was such a perfect honeymoon treat. Incredible view out of the huge windows, the staff were great, and they had a free wine happy hour every evening.
  5. Stumptown Coffee Roasters: I think we ended up going here almost every single day we were in Portland. Great coffee, great iced coffees, great people watching. Loved it.