Fluffy Eggs for Brunch

A Girl and her Whisk: fluffy eggs for brunch
Weekend brunch ought to be mandatory in my opinion. I love a slow start to the day. I love pottering in the kitchen, a cafetière of coffee and some sort of breakfast-lunch feast to get the day going.

Eggs often feature, sometimes vegetables and fruit, occasionally pancakes. Really, my only constant is coffee (black, no sugar in case you are wondering. #worldsmostboringcoffeedrinker).

This weekend we had jazzed up eggs on toast: the whites whisked to stiff peaks, the yolk hidden within the fluffy-ness and then baked with cheese and pepper sprinkled over. Easy and quick enough to throw together in a hurry, but far enough away from plain old eggs on toast to taste like a treat.

Per person, take:

– 1 eggs

– 1 slice bread

– Pepper

– A small handful of grated cheese

Preheat your oven to 190C

Separate your yolks from your whites, and reserve the yolks. Whip the whites into stuff peaks.

lightly toast the bread, then gently spoon 3/4 of the white onto the bread. Try and keep as much air in a possible, so don’t push it down too much. Make a well in the centre, tip in the yolk and cover up with the remaining egg white.

Bake for 8-10 minutes for runny yolk, and about 12-14 for a firmer set one.

I would love to try these again with a base of spinach underneath, or some sauteed mushrooms…

Goats Cheese Stuffed Black Bean Burgers

Yuuuup, still in finger food mode apparently, even after the flattened gougere fandango. Despite the fact these contain all the things I love- goats cheese! peppers! beans!- I wasn’t convinced that they would be all that good. Can mashed beans really make a burger replacement? Well no, not quite, but they make something pretty tasty instead, and they have the bonus of not being grown in a test tube.

I wish I could claim some credit for these, but that accolade goes to the most excellent Take a Megabite . My photography of said deliciousnesss sadly leaves something to be desired, but see my (blurry) version.

A Girl and her Whisk: goats cheese stuffed black bean burgers

I made a few changes, swapping the greek yoghurt guacamole for just a mashed avocado, and added some butter beans as well at the last moment as I panicked that there wasn’t going to be enough. Unnecessary perhaps, but still delicious. Apart from that, I can recommend no better start to the week than these, eaten whilst slouched in front of 30 Rock watching Kenneth do the clogs.