Brunch at Eat 17, Walthamstow

Brunch at Eat 17 Walthamstow

Brunch is always a good idea right? It didn’t quite feel that way on Saturday morning after one too many tequila-heavy margaritas the night before, but arriving at Eat 17 Walthamstow I remembered that yes actually, I did like brunch very much and could some please get me a coffee as quickly as possible?

Given Walthamstow is only a short bus journey away from me I’m not entirely sure why I’ve never been, but pretty safe to say after this weekend’s adventure we’ll be back soon. It feels a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of central London – a fact confirmed by my friend Lauren’s story that Walthamstow Village is the sort of the place where when the lavender becomes unruly in the summer, the ladies get together to prune it back again.

On her suggestion we headed to Eat 17 was the perfect brunch spot. It’s beautifully designed with comfy chairs, leather sofas and inviting tables. You can’t book on a Saturday before 12 but the restaurant is bigger than it looks and despite what looked like a short queue out the front, they were able to seat us straight away.

After a round of coffees and a bit of dithering over the menu, I went for the smoky baked beans with poached egg, Lauren for the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and James went for the french toast with fruit. Our savoury options were great: generous portions with loads of flavour – and the bread they both came with was totally delicious. James had a bit of order envy when his french toast turned up though. It was good but served with a very tart rhubarb compote wasn’t really the star of the show.

Busy as they were we didn’t feel rushed over a meal, and a under fifteen pounds a head for a big plate and a couple of coffees each, including service, it felt like pretty good value. It’s one to add to your list if you’re in the area one weekend morning.


















Eat 17, 24-26 Orford Road, E17 9NJ – website here

Canada Water | Hawker House

A review of Street Feast's latest venture, Hawker House at Canada Water
What better way to spend a damp, miserable evening than hiding out in Canada Water’s Hawker House? Street Feast’s latest pop up has taken up residence in Canada Water for the next seven weeks (down to six now), and it’s the perfect spot to spend a Friday or Saturday night evening.

While Street Feast haven’t exactly reinvented the wheel with their latest spot, it means you’ll know exactly what to expect: multiple bars, all your favourite street food traders, free entry before 7pm, and neon lights all over the space. Only since it’s winter, there’s a roof.

Korean pajeon from Busan BBQ at Hawker House, Canada Water

I tucked into my first ever dish from Busan BBQ, of korean pajeon. Super light spring onion filled pancakes, one topped with spicy pork belly and the other with fried chicken. While neither had quite the level of spice I was expecting, they were bloody delicious, and the highlight of the evening for me. The pork melted apart, and the chicken was fried in a really light batter, so you had none of the usual greasiness of fried chicken. J went for a classic pulled pork bun from SmokeStack, and finally admitted that just maybe, he appreciates a heavy hand on the vinegar in a coleslaw. Long overdue my friend…

Arepas at Hawker House, Canada Water

We also tried an arepa from Petare, which I’d seen Lisa recommend a few weeks before. Made from venezuelan cornbread, and packed full of shredded beef brisket, fried sweet plantain and plenty of black beans, they sounded totally delicious. In reality, I wasn’t such a fan. The beef was only right at the top of the cornbread, rather than running the whole way through the cornbread pocket, which in practice meant only two mouthfuls in you were out of brisket and into the sweet plantain, rather than having balanced mouthfuls of each. Great idea in theory, but perhaps not so tasty in the execution that evening. To finish we dropped by the Meringue Girl’s neon pick stand for an ultimate eton mess, made from their beautiful pastel pink meringues. Safe to safe, meringues + cream + fruit is always a winning combination, and tonight was no exception.

Overall we had a great evening at Hawker House, and it was nice to break away from my usual favourites of Yum Bun and Breddos Tacos in favour of some new traders. Safe to say, I’ll be back before they leave.

Hawker House , Canada Street, Canada Water, SE162XU

Meringue Girls at Hawker House, Canada Water

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Reviews of On the Bab, McCains's recent #SundayBest event and Beer & BunsOn the Bab: Korean buns? Dispense-your-own beer? Kimchi? All of the above and more were consumed one evening with Mike and Sophie at On the Bab, just down the side from Covent Garden. It was an unusual (and tasty) departure from my usual choice of bibimbap when out for Korean, although I think Yum Bun are probably still the winners for me when it comes to all things steamed dough.

#SundayBest with McCain: Thank you Haydy for inviting me along to this celebration of the roast potato! We feasted our way through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter potatoes: molecular sauces, pulled turkey and roast beef-infused steam were just some of the fun twists on show that evening. We ate an awful lot of delicious roast potatoes and had great fun with the gravy fountain. Top marks all round.

Beer & Buns: This Japanese izakaya style bar started out as a pop-up and but is now sticking around permanently. Despite having never made it in for a drink when I worked just around the corner, J and I finally popped back in for a drink earlier this week and happily enjoyed a pint while soaking up the buzzy atmosphere, chalkboard walls and pinball machines. Monday nights see them offering up either wings or buns and a pint for £7.50… so no doubt an early week return trip will pop up in my diary soon.

On the Bab, under £20 each for beer, buns and sides

Beer and Buns, £4.75 for a pint of Asahi